Suicide, Sexual Assault and Sacrificial rites… What’s wrong with our kids?

Another day, another story of violence. It almost seems run of the mill to hear that some deranged soul opened fire in a crowd somewhere or that yet another city is entering the throes of violence that follow a police shooting. The problems once associated with high schoolers are now seen in middle school and... Continue Reading →


Red Waves, White Flags, and Feeling Blue

As we draw to the end of what has been one of the most anticipated midterm election cycles in recent history, I can not help but wonder what was lost and gained over the last months, weeks, days, and hours. Thank God, I'm not a cable news watcher, or I would no doubt have lost... Continue Reading →

Three “Ok” lies ministers tell

Preachers are liars.  There, I said it.  Every preacher I have ever met was a liar.  Furthermore, if you are a minister reading this, you are probably a liar too.  And here is the thing, we all lie about the same things.  Pastors and ministry leaders are notorious for telling these three “Ok” lies. 1. ... Continue Reading →

Now, it concerns us.

Growing up in an area that was steeped in Civil War history, I suppose my love for tales of that era is not all that unique.  I know I am not alone in saying I thoroughly enjoy reading not only the history and first-hand accounts, but also historical fiction that is based in that time... Continue Reading →

I’ll Get you for this…

I suppose that being the father of two young girls means that I am in for my share of princess movies.  Yet, in an effort to stand up for my masculinity, I have managed to work a compromise with my little ones.  Yes, we will do the occasional princess movie, but we are also going... Continue Reading →

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